Greek Fonts

Michael's sites may need to install a font as from his site.  However the latest versions of Windows include fonts with extended Greek characters: Palatino Linotype and Arial Unicode MS. So look at the two lines below.

        ἁ ἑ ἡ ἱ ὁ ὑ ὡ

If the second is legible (even though it might be a different font and/or size) you need do nothing more to read the Greek text on his site. But if the second line is a row of blank squares or question-marks, you will need to download a free font. For details of these and how to download them, please click Here.

For the Athena font on its own click here (250Kb). After clicking this save the file to your desktop, then you need to copy it to c:\windows\fonts or wherever your fonts are stored. As you copy it you will be informed that the font is installing. Then you will be able to see the font listed as 'Athena' in Microsoft Word.

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