Some NT-Greek Web Pages of note:

Great Treasures bible
A fantastic site for looking at greek text
The New Testament Gateway
Another great place to start looking for thinks about NT Greek.
A Note about Fonts.
Some of the materials you will need a font called Athena

Other Greek Resources:

These are some Greek resources that I have produced as I am learning Greek:

Gospel of John (290Kb)
Here is the whole of the Gospel of John formatted in Athena font used on Michael Haggett's pages. I have changed the font size, word spacing and also made it double line spaced so you can translate underneath. You will need to install the Athena font above.  
The Four Gospels (889K)
Here are the Four Gospels in word format broken into sections with verse numbers at the start of each section - this document is formatted with single line spacing, but if you want to do some in-line translation you can format it double line. It is over 180 pages long so you probably don't want to print out the whole lot. This document also uses the Athena font below.
Table of the definite article: 'The'
(This is a PDF file and you may need the PDF reader from Adobe to read this)
John 14.1-6 Workout
This is a page that we played with translating.
'This and Who' table
to be learnt !   From Dobson 12.8

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