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Fuel Tank Breather Connection ?

Here are the images:

General Engine shot - notice the breather from the fuel tank is not connected to anything.

Better shot of the two breather lines from the fuel overflow traps that are joined together and end in nothing.

Air Filter with three pipes. Pipe A is conencted to the Carb, B and C have been connected together!

Inside shot of the Filter cover.

Hi all,

I have had for three weeks a 1976 Bus that drives a dream, is in fantastic nick, but worryingly produces nice petrol fumes inside after a good fill of the tank and a drive about.

I think I have located the problem to the fact that the fuel tank breather lines that come down from the rear pillars are not connected to anything, but just end in the engine compartment:

As a newbie, I'm looking for your wisdom:

The air filter unit has three hose connections - I have marked the A, B and C and A is connected to the Carb. B and C at the moment are connected together which can't be right. I guess that one of these should be connected to the fuel tank breather line, but which? And what do I do with the other?

I have read the official service manual Pages 3.4-5 and some of section 10, and also the Haynes guide but without much joy of understanding.

However I read with worry about the breather connecting sections:



but I have checked these - and all is well.

At the moment I have connected A to the Carb, B to the air intake thermo-flap thing, and C to the fule tank Breather pipe. If this is not right please let me know!!


email me simon@simonchambers.com